Why Is Suits Season 8 So Bad?

Does Harvey love Donna?

There have been romantic—or romantic-seeming–moments between the two characters, most notably when Harvey said, “You know I love you, Donna,” after he got her court case thrown out.

There were also times when Harvey has showed jealousy regarding Donna’s relationships, although he has had love interests of his own..

Why is there no season 10 of suits?

Therefore, the Suits Season 10 was called off. Kirsch, in an interview, said that he had the characters under contract till Season 7. Even Patrick Adams resigned from the show as the contract was fulfilled. Therefore, observing the cast’s lack of play, the makers had to shut down the show.

Why did Louis Litt leave suits?

Louis resigned from Pearson Specter because he didn’t want to put Harvey or anyone else in a position to fire him. … Louis then loses his composure and becomes very angry towards Donna & Jessica.

Do Harvey and Donna end up together?

Earlier this year, Sarah said that she didn’t see a big white wedding in the cards for Harvey and Donna. Yet in the finale, they end up getting married.

Does Mike and Rachel come back in Season 8?

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER. Suits did its best to handle Mike and Rachel’s absence in Season 8, with Harvey & Co. running things. Despite earlier rumors, Mike will be back for Season 9 solo, but fans have a good reason to believe Rachel won’t be far away from her husband’s heart, thanks to Patrick J.

What happened in Suits Season 8 finale?

It’s finally happening: Suits’ Season 8 finale concluded with a steamy hookup between… Harvey and Donna! … While Samantha pondered life without her mentor Robert, who loved her despite her faults, Harvey came to his own realization about who he wants to run to when he has a big loss or win.

Was suits Cancelled?

Suits was cancelled earlier this year by the USA Network after nine years of the legal drama. The news was announced in January by the president of the Network Chris McCumber, much to the dismay of fans.

How many seasons of suits was Meghan Markle in?

seven seasonsMarkle starred as Rachel Zane on Suits for seven seasons, with her character and her on-screen love interest Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams, leaving the series at the same time.

Does Louis Litt get married?

‘Suits’ Season 9 Episode 10: Two weddings, a baby and many tearful goodbyes at Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett make for the perfect series finale. … After the business with Faye was dealt with, we got to see Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) and Sheila Sazs (Rachael Harris) get married, and have a baby girl on the same day.

Is Suits Season 8 any good?

It saw another prominent, likable character depart the series, but with one season remaining more drama needed to be found somewhere. This season of Suits is an admirable and semi-successful attempt at revamping the series after two consecutive departures from the cast.

Does Harvey sleep with Jessica?

After all, they slept together once years prior, kissed in season 7 and frequently make heart-eyes at each other, but the pair have never actually made their way into a relationship.

Do Mike and Rachel break up?

At the start of Season 3, Rachel is still angry that Mike withheld his secret, however when he tells her the full story she forgives him and they begin a sexual relationship. … Mike then ended things with Rachel, but they eventually reconciled.

Why did Donna and Thomas break up?

Donna, who had slept with Harvey that same night, calls him the next morning and asks him out for lunch, intending to break up with him, although Thomas elects not to call her back or take her up on her offer for lunch. … Donna tells him that he is a good man and the pair amicably end their relationship.

Who replaced Meghan Markle in suits?

Katherine HeiglKatherine Heigl replaces Meghan Markle on USA’s “Suits”

Does Mike come back in Season 9 of suits?

On June 3, 2019, the USA Network official announced that Adams would be reprising his role as Mike Ross in episode five of Suits season nine. In episode five of Suits season nine, Mike returned to work on a case against his former mentor Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht) and Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl).

Who does Harvey marry in suits?

In the finale of season 8, Harvey is able to realise his feelings for Donna and they kiss with all their pent up feelings and emotions. The series ends with the pair getting married.

Who is Harvey Specter’s wife?

Jacinda BarrettPersonal life. Macht married Australian-born actress Jacinda Barrett in 2004. The couple’s first child, a girl, Satine Anais Geraldine Macht, was born August 20, 2007 in Los Angeles. They had a second child, a son named Luca, on February 26, 2014.

How much is Gabriel Macht worth?

Gabriel Macht net worth: Gabriel Macht is an American actor and producer who has a net worth of $8 million. Born in The Bronx, New York, Gabriel Macht grew up in California. He went on to graduate from Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts in the mid-90s.