Who Is Vaibhav Rekhi?

Who is Vaibhav rekhi net worth?

According to a report by arealnews.com, Vaibhav Rekhi’s net worth is estimated to be around ₹1-2 Crore.

Vaibhav Rekhi is a businessman who lives in the lavish Pali Hill area of Mumbai’s Bandra.

He was also previously married to yoga instructor Sunaina Rekhi with whom he shares a daughter..

What is the age of Dia Mirza?

39 years (December 9, 1981)Dia Mirza/Age

Who is Vaibhav rekhi first wife?

Sunaina RekhiEarlier, Vaibhav’s first wife Sunaina Rekhi talked about Samaira getting an extended family after her father’s wedding with Dia.

Why did dia divorce?

Dia Mirza had said that in the end we decided to separate by mutual consent. Dia Mirza’s life had changed a lot after the divorce. Dia had said that people’s attitude towards divorced women has not changed even today.

Does Dia Mirza have a child?

She said that her daughter, Samaira, has more family now. Vaibhav Rekhi’s ex-wife Sunaina Rekhi extended best wishes for the newlyweds after his wedding to Dia Mirza.

What does Dia Mirza do?

ActorModelFilm ProducerFilm actorDia Mirza/Professions

Is Sahil Sangha Hindu?

Sahil belongs to a Hindu family. He is a film producer and director. Sahil Sangha made his debut as a producer with Love Breakups Zindagi in 2011.

When did Vaibhav rekhi divorce?

DIA MIRZA AND VAIBHAV REKHI’S WEDDING Dia was earlier married to Sahil Sangha. The two got divorced in August 2019 after five years of marriage.

Is Vaibhav rekhi married?

Dia Mirza and Vaibhav Rekhi got married on Monday.

Who is Vaibhav rekhi age?

36 YearsVaibhav Rekhi (Dia Mirza’s Husband) Age, Wife, Children, Family, Biography & MoreBio/WikiAge (as of 2021)36 YearsBirthplaceMumbaiNationalityIndianHometownMumbai19 more rows

Who is Dia Mirza’s husband?

Vaibhav Rekhim. 2021Sahil Sangham. 2014–2019Dia Mirza/Husband