Quick Answer: Who Can Defeat Zamasu?

Why is Zamasu evil?

Zamasu is evil in the sense of his mind set, as in his in misguided version of justice, but Frieza is just evil for being evil’s sake.

The saiyans: to do freeza’s dirty work and to eventually overthrow him.

He doesn’t blow planets up, but kills the humans himself (which I think is more evil than blowing planets up)..

How did Beerus die?

First, off Gods aren’t supposed to be Immortal, they can be Immortal. And the reason Beerus died is that his life is directly connected to the God of Creation AKA Supreme Kai Shin. Zamasu likely killed Shin which in turn killed Beerus.

Who is stronger than Zamasu?

JirenJiren is far stronger than any version of fused Zamsu or even infinite Zamasu. Merged Zamasu is only as strong as Evolution or perfected ssj blue. He couldnt even beat a non kaoken ssjb goku pushed to his limits. In the Future Trunks Arc he was getting bested by a combined assault of Vegeta and Trunks.

Who defeated Zamasu in Dragon Ball super?

VegitoDragon Ball Super 67 Spoilers And Episode 66 Recap: Vegito Defeated Zamasu; Zeno Appears To Conceal Zamasu.

Can Beerus kill Zamasu?

In the recent story of Dragon Ball Super, the present Zamasu has been killed by Lord Beerus but is still alive in the future.

Who defeated Goku?

VegetaThe strain of Super Saiyan combined with the Heart Virus’ effect stresses Goku’s body beyond belief, and while he manages to keep for a time, his use of Ki ends up being his downfall. Rejuvenated, 19 manhandles Goku and beats him into near submission, leaving Vegeta to pick up the pieces.

Who defeated Beerus?

WhisWhis Defeats Beerus With One Chop – Dragon Ball Z.

Is Zamasu stronger than Beerus?

I hope this answers your question. Beerus can easily defeat Zamasu. As he is the god of destruction, he has the ability to wipe out anything from existence just by uttering the word hakai(destroy). It can also destroy souls and spirits.

Can whis beat Zamasu?

Yes they can. Their power levels are incredible. Even merged Zamasu power isn”t up to a high tier god of destruction(and note that angels are more powerful than destroyers).

Is Zamasu a boy or girl?

ZamasuザマスBirthplaceWorld TreeStatusErasedGender30 more rows

Who is stronger Goku black or Zamasu?

Goku is a battle genius when it comes to fighting , he has tons of experience with fighting , so black shares that same trait and he has super Saiyan which is stronger than ssjb yes zamasu has a immortal body , but we have seen people who are kinda immortal like kid buu and cell and they were able to be killed so in …

Is Black Goku a God?

So yes, he was/is a god. He was Zamas in Goku’s body. He had a mortal body, but he had god ki. … The Zamasu that took over Goku’s body is a god in a mortal body.

Is Zamasu stronger than Broly?

Zamasu is arguably outright stronger than Ikari Broly, and even if he was a bit weaker, Broly would eventually wear down. Broly takes R2 if Zamasu’s immortality is restricted. Otherwise it’s stalemate.

Who kills Zamasu and Goku black?

Lord Zeno samaGoku calls Lord Zeno sama to terminate zamasu. Zeno sama launches a blast which entirely wipes out the universe of future trunks timeline leaving the void space. Hence, zeno sama was the one who killed goku black. All hail zeno sama!

Is merged Zamasu immortal?

Fused Zamasu goes on to battle evenly with Vegeta and Future Trunks in their Super Saiyan forms. … In Toriyama’s original draft, while Fused Zamasu is immortal, two Super Saiyan Blues together would be able to defeat him.

Is Black Goku evil?

While Goku has a cheerful and energetic behavior Goku Black however has a psychopathic and malevolent personality due to Zamasu’s soul inside his body (albeit the two being different people). Goku Black is also extremely sadistic as he almost always taunts his opponents.

Is Zamasu stronger than Goku?

Fused Zamasu is stronger than goku black, and goku does for a moment overpower him with A a kamehameha at full power, and the kaioken at its base level of x2 when injured form said kamehameha. Goku received a little training before the T.O.P arc, and got strong enough to handle kaioken x20 without much difficulty.

Is whis stronger than Zamasu?

Whis Is the strongest being in the multiverse and on the upper hand he is an angel with mastered UI. Of course whis will win even if they are fused together.. There’s no competition here. Whis would destroy Black, Zamasu, Merged Zamasu, Astral Zamasu.

Did Zamasu kill Goku?

Immortal Zamasu is from Trunks’ timeline. So Zamasu killed Goku in the Future and looked through the timelines (Via the time rings) to find one to do his plan. Trunks timeline’s Goku had been dead. Beerus was also dead, because Supreme Kai died while keeping Babidi from resurrecting Buu.