Quick Answer: Should I Watch Kai Z?

Can I skip Dragon Ball Z Kai?

Plus, it’s a really fun show, and it shows how everyone came together.

In short, I would recommend watching Dragon Ball, but you can skip the original Dragon Ball Z and go straight to Kai after Dragon Ball..

What does Kai mean in anime?

sprit, dragon, ocean or seaKai means sprit, dragon, ocean or sea.

Can I skip Buu saga?

Definitely not. It’s a bit of a mess but it’s one of the coolest arcs for sure. Probably my favorite tbh. Boo saga is better than the first 3 arcs of super.

Does Netflix have Dragon Ball Z?

No, Dragon Ball is not available on Netflix. Funimation is the best site to watch Dragon Ball and is easily accessible anywhere by using a VPN.

Does DBZ Kai have blood?

Kai cuts out so much content from the original episodes and it doesn’t show any blood or gore. … And the main purpose of Kai is to stay true to the manga, so scenes from the original dbz that is not included in the manga will be taken out on Kai, that’s why there are less episodes.

Is DBZ Kai worth it?

As for the question, if you are talking the Japanese version then I would say it is worth watching both. If you are only watching the dub, then I would say just watch Kai. The Japanese version of Kai is not good because many of the actors sound aged but in the original DBZ the Japanese actors sound great.

Is DBZ Kai bad?

Re: Is Dragon Ball Z Kai any good? No, it is not. There is absolutely no effort put in by the staff, the editing is crappy af, bad music placement and the designs are eyesores. It is the worst thing to come out of the franchise.

Can I skip DBZ?

That aside, Dragon Ball is also a fun anime series with storylines, action and comedy, so you are missing a lot if you skip it. There is actually a portion of the fanbase who prefers it and its style over Dragon Ball Z. You can Absolutely Skip Dragonball and dive right into DBZ!

Which episodes of Dragon Ball Can I skip?

After episodes 47 to 67, skip episodes 68 to 77 but I personally enjoy episodes 69 through 72, 76 and 77. Alternatively you could just read the manga starting from chapter 5 but I still say the anime does some things better. From episode 83 onward skip episodes 84-90.

Can I watch DBZ without watching db?

The answer is no. You will appreciate DBZ just fine without watching Dragonball. If you take the time to watch thru all of Dragonball you’ll have a greater appreciation for certain characters and their personalities, but no, it is not necessary.

Does DBZ Kai have Buu saga?

Dragon Ball Kai returned to Japanese TV on April 6, 2014, with the Majin Buu Saga, and ended its run for the second and last time on June 28, 2015, with 61 episodes while the original uncut international version would go on to have 69 episodes (bringing the total episode count of the series to 159 for the original …

Does Goku swear?

Goku never really swears outside of a fight (from what I can remember), so I don’t think he’s really wrong for using them outside of those circumstances. I wondered the same thing when he apparently let Vegeta go, not out of mercy, but because he wanted to fight him again, knowing full well that it was selfish.

Is it better to watch DBZ or DBZ Kai?

First off, Dragon Ball Z Kai doesn’t include anything from Dragon Ball, which is the story of Goku as a child. Secondly, the main difference is that Kai lacks the filler content of the original Dragon Ball Z, and stops at the end of the Cell saga.

Can I skip the Garlic Jr saga?

you can skip episodes 94 – 102. The episode after that is more filler so you may skip that as well.

Is DBZ and DBZ Kai the same?

Basically, Kai “replaces” the original version of Dragon Ball Z in that it literally is the same show, just cut down and remixed a bit. The Dragon Ball TV series adapts the first 190-ish chapters of the manga, while Dragon Ball Z (and of course Kai) adapted the rest.