Quick Answer: Is Corey’S Girlfriend Taylor Pregnant?

Is Cory Taylors girlfriend pregnant?

After weeks of speculation, the reality TV star revealed she is pregnant.

Cory, 29, and Taylor, 26, showed just how close they are to Cheyenne as they were bursting with happiness after she announced she is expecting her second child.


Who is Corey’s girlfriend?

The Teen Mom OG star, 29, is showing off his family in a new series of professional photos, featuring girlfriend Taylor Selfridge, their 6-month-old daughter Mila Mae and Wharton’s daughter Ryder, 3½. In the Friday snaps — which mark the first post Wharton has made since Aug.

Is Cheyenne pregnant?

On Jan. 25, Cheyenne Floyd and boyfriend Zach Davis shared the name of their son in a new video on the Teen Mom OG star’s YouTube channel. “Everyone has figured out the baby’s name,” Cheyenne, who is currently expecting her second child, said in the video.

Why did Taylor and Cory break up?

All three–Cory, Taylor and Cheyenne–appeared on Teen Mom OG until Taylor was fired in June after “past racist” comments resurfaced. Taylor had apologized for the comments, but MTV made the decision to part ways with the mother.

Why did Cheyenne not tell Cory about the baby?

Cheyenne decided she wouldn’t tell Cory about Ryder’s hospitalization while he was away competing on The Challenge: The toddler developed a fever and could not hold down food, which can be “really dangerous” because Ry suffers from a genetic condition called VLCAD and her body can go into shock if she doesn’t eat.

Did Cheyenne and Zach break up?

At first, Zach seemed pretty cool with the close bond between Cory and Cheyenne, but as time went on, it was evident that he wasn’t. They ultimately broke up after Zach freaked out that Cheyenne would accompany Cory with Ryder on a trip to visit his family in Michigan.

Is Cory having a baby with Taylor?

Taylor, 25, gave birth to the couple’s first child together on April 22 following a very intense delivery. “After a 22-hour labor, Mila Mae Wharton was born,” Cory revealed via Instagram on Tuesday, April 28. … Despite the model’s tough labor, the parents were thrilled to welcome Mila to their family.

Who is Cory’s Baby Momma?

Taylor SelfridgeTeen Mom star Cory Wharton brags how ‘lucky’ he is to have ex Cheyenne Floyd & girlfriend Taylor Selfridge as baby mamas. CORY Wharton celebrates his drama-free relationships with baby mamas Cheyenne Floyd and Taylor Selfridge. The Teen Mom star shares his daughter Ryder, 3, with Cheyenne and Mila, 8 months with Taylor …

Are Taylor and Cory still together 2020?

In April 2020, Wharton and Selfridge had a daughter whom they named Mila. Cory and Taylor are very much together right now. Cory often posts pictures with his daughters and with Taylor on his Instagram handle.

Does Coryxkenshin have a girlfriend?

Coryxkenshin is currently single. He doesn’t have a girlfriend or spouse.

Who is Cheyenne’s baby daddy?

TEEN Mom Cheyenne Floyd’s boyfriend Zach Davis has revealed he’s becoming a realtor, as the couple prepare to welcome their first child together. The 28-year-old shared his business plans on Instagram telling his followers he is “excited to start this next journey.” 🍼 Follow all our latest news & stories on Teen Mom.