Quick Answer: Has Goku Killed Anyone?

Who is the richest person in Dragon Ball?

BulmaBulma/Capsule Corps.

She belongs to the wealthiest family who owns the wealthiest corporation on (Dragon Ball) Earth..

How many times has Vegeta died?

Vegeta has died twice. He was killed by Frieze on Namek and when he sacrificed himself against Buu. Some people will say he died three times if you include Frieza exploding the planet in Super but Whis turned back time so I don’t think that should be the official count. Goku has died twice.

Who has Goku actually killed?

Majin BuuMajin Buu: Using the Spirit Bomb. This is the only major Z villain that Goku has actually killed personally. Frieza: Trunks killed Frieza the first time, but after Frieza’s revival, he was defeated by Vegeta and Goku dealt the killing blow.

Does Chi Chi really love Goku?

Chi-Chi quickly fell in love with Goku, who was completely oblivious to her feelings. When Chi-Chi and Goku talked about getting married and having a family, something the Ox King was happy to set up, Goku agreed, but it was only because he thought marriage was something to eat.

Who is stronger than Goku?

VegetaVegeta is the prince of the Saiyans in the Dragon Ball series and the rival of Goku. He’s quite a powerful character whose strength is easily comparable to that of Goku. After training with the Yardrats, Vegeta has gotten strong enough to overwhelm even Moro in combat.

Is Goku black evil?

While Goku has a cheerful and energetic behavior Goku Black however has a psychopathic and malevolent personality due to Zamasu’s soul inside his body (albeit the two being different people). Goku Black is also extremely sadistic as he almost always taunts his opponents.

Is Goku black dead?

Black “corrected” Goku and claimed he is Zamasu who switched bodies with Goku with a wish from the Super Dragon Balls but kept his heart and soul intact and killed the Goku in his old body. Black stabbing Goku through Future Zamasu The fight continued, with the duo holding the upper hand over the Saiyan trio.

How many did Vegeta kill?

tenFollowing the Saiyan arc, Vegeta goes on to become a major player on Namek, albeit keeping his villainous edge. Dragon Ball doesn’t shy away from death, but the amount of characters Vegeta kills in such a short amount of time is almost staggering. Vegeta kills ten on-screen before he even leaves Namek.

How many people has Goku killed?

47 beingsIn total (not including the Red Ribbon Army soldiers) he’s killed 47 beings. What if out of disgust for his Saiyan heritage, Goku wished with the Dragon Balls to be a human again? You’re stuck in the Dragon Ball universe.

Has Goku killed a god?

Goku Black or Zamasu was simply very clever. He first got his immortality wish using the Super Dragon Balls. Then he killed all the Gods of Creation (the Supreme Kais). … So thats how Zamasu (or Goku Black) killed all the gods.

Do Goku and Chichi ever kiss?

Goku has never kissed Chichi on the lips, but he has been kissed by her on the cheek: … In Dragon Ball Super Goku stated that he never kissed Chichi, In the DBZ anime however he did, But in the DBZ manga he didn’t.

Is Chi Chi stronger than Goku?

Even in terms of Physical Strength, Chi Chi’s power is substantially weaker than even Yamcha. … Training Goten doesn’t imply Chi Chi is strong. Goku, who is at a Universe busting level of strength, would still train under Master Roshi.

Who is Vegeta’s girlfriend?


Who has the most kills in DBZ?

Zen-Oh1 Zen-Oh Has Erased Multiple Universes In The Series Like it or not, Zen-Oh has the most kills of any character in all of Dragon Ball.

Who has never died in DBZ?

Fat BuuMr. Saturn (Hercule) and Fat Buu are the only 2 characters who never died in whole Dragon Ball Z anime.