Question: Who Is The Mother Of Dia Mirza?

What is the age of Dia Mirza?

39 years (December 9, 1981)Dia Mirza/Age.

What does Dia Mirza do?

ActorModelFilm ProducerFilm actorDia Mirza/Professions

Is Dia Mirza single?

Dia Mirza is set to tie the knot with her businessman boyfriend Vaibhav Rekhi. According to news reports, the couple will get married in an intimate ceremony on February 15. The ceremony will be attended by a few friends and family members.

Does Dia Mirza have a child?

Dia Mirza took to Instagram and announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Vaibhav Rekhi. The two got married on February 15, 2021. Dia Mirza announces pregnancy. Dia Mirza is expecting her first child with husband Vaibhav Rekhi.

Who is Dia Mirza’s sister?

Dia Mirza Age, Height, Religion, Family, Husband, Income, EducationReal NameDia MirzaFigure Measurement34-25-35Figure TypeHourglass SlimTattooOn her Wrist texted(Azaaad)Family, Sister, Education35 more rows

Why did dia divorce?

Dia Mirza had said that in the end we decided to separate by mutual consent. Dia Mirza’s life had changed a lot after the divorce. Dia had said that people’s attitude towards divorced women has not changed even today.

Is Sahil Sangha Hindu?

He was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Sahil belongs to a Hindu family. He is a film producer and director. Sahil Sangha made his debut as a producer with Love Breakups Zindagi in 2011.

What is the height of Dia Mirza?

1.68 mDia Mirza/Height

What does Sahil Sangha do?

Film ProducerFilm directorBusinesspersonScreenwriterSahil Sangha/ProfessionsSahil Sangha is a co-producer and a director. He has been associated with movies like Love, Breakups Zindagi. He has gained popularity with his associations with Dia Mirza. Sahil is very caring for Dia and plays an important role in her life.

Where is Dia Mirza from?

Hyderabad, IndiaDia Mirza/Place of birthMirza was born in Hyderabad, India. Her father, Frank Handrich, was a German graphics and industrial fair designer, architect, artist and interior designer based in Munich. Her mother, Deepa, is a Bengali interior designer and landscaper who also volunteers to help alcoholics and drug addicts.

Who is Dia Mirza father?

Frank HandrichDia Mirza/FathersDia Mirza uses her step-father’s surname Mirza and has recently added the surname of her father Frank Handrich and is now called Dia Mirza Handrich. While her father was a German designer from Munich, her mother Deepa is an interior designer, landscaper and works as a volunteer to help alcoholics and addicts.