Does Harvey Love Paula?

What happens after Donna kisses Harvey?

Donna confronted Harvey and told him she felt nothing when she kissed him, but Harvey was still upset she’d made him a cheater.

Harvey decided to tell Paula — two days after the kiss happened — and she was understandably upset he’d asked her to move in with him right after locking lips with Donna..

Who is Harvey’s love interest on suits?

Zoe LawfordSuits’ Harvey Specter may have ended up with Donna, but Jacinda Barrett’s character Zoe Lawford was his best love interest. Gabriel Macht’s Suits character Harvey Specter had no shortage of love interests over the course of the nine seasons Suits was on the air.

Who is Harvey Specter’s wife?

Jacinda BarrettPersonal life. Macht married Australian-born actress Jacinda Barrett in 2004. The couple’s first child, a girl, Satine Anais Geraldine Macht, was born August 20, 2007 in Los Angeles. They had a second child, a son named Luca, on February 26, 2014.

Does Harvey sleep with Donna?

After leaving the D.A.’s office, Harvey finds out that Donna has resigned as well. Since they are no longer working together, Harvey goes to Donna’s apartment and they have sex.

Does Harvey leave Paula?

Harvey decides he will stay with Paula and figure out Donna’s exit strategy. Without Donna’s knowledge, he approached Stu Buzzini (Stu was involved in this episode because of the case Harvey and Mike were working on) and asked him to hire Donna.

Why did Donna leave Harvey?

She decided this because her relationship with Harvey is not working for her. … Before leaving she tells Harvey that she loves him. After Mike Ross is arrested in the middle of season 5, Louis fires Donna so that she could become Harvey’s secretary again and help him help Mike.

Does Harvey sleep with Jessica?

After all, they slept together once years prior, kissed in season 7 and frequently make heart-eyes at each other, but the pair have never actually made their way into a relationship.

Why did Harvey Specter hire Mike?

But Harvey realized that Mike was the best choice in that room filled with real Harvard Law students applying for the job. Harvey knew what he was looking for exactly, and now that a non-law student fits his standards is eager to work for him, he took the risk and hired him.

Do Harvey and Donna end up together?

Earlier this year, Sarah said that she didn’t see a big white wedding in the cards for Harvey and Donna. Yet in the finale, they end up getting married.

Who is Paula on suits?

Christina Cole as Dr. Paula Agard. Are you all caught up on last night’s episode of Suits?

Does Louis Litt get married?

‘Suits’ Season 9 Episode 10: Two weddings, a baby and many tearful goodbyes at Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett make for the perfect series finale. … After the business with Faye was dealt with, we got to see Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) and Sheila Sazs (Rachael Harris) get married, and have a baby girl on the same day.

Do Harvey and Paula get together?

Harvey got investment banker — and former Pearson Specter Litt tenant — Stu to offer Donna a job, but she saw right through it and confronted Harvey. … He broke up with Paula and asked Donna to come back to the firm, which she agreed to do.

Why did Mike go to jail suits?

Keeping his secret for a number of years, he was eventually found out at the end of season five. He was arrested for the conspiracy to commit fraud and sentenced to two years at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut.

Is Harvey Specter in love with Donna?

But it’s the will-they-or-won’t they romantic tension between Harvey and his legal secretary Donna Paulson that looms over the show this season. Harvey and Donna exchanged “I love you”s at the end of season four but with a tacit acknowledgement that they could not be together – or not yet, anyway.

Does Harvey care about Mike?

7 Harvey Protects Mike Against Jessica & Louis Despite the respect he may have had for both of his fellow partners, he was willing to do whatever it took to keep Mike at the firm. It may have hurt his position and credibility at times, but that’s the sacrifice he was willing to make.

Are Harvey and Donna married in real life?

When he saw the script, he knew right away that she would be perfect for the part. They are both extremely talented actors, but their close relationship in real life adds quite a spark between Donna and Harvey on screen. … After four years of dating, the couple got married and are now loving parents to their two kids.

Did Harvey love Paula?

But as it turned out, Paula wasn’t Harvey’s special someone. … “It feels like there are three people in this relationship,” she told a distraught Harvey. “Are you asking me to fire Donna?” Harvey asked, knowing already that the answer was a resounding yes.

What happened between Harvey and Paula?

Ultimately, it was Donna who chose to make the big move: She resigned at the end of the episode, thinking that this would help. Following that, Harvey then realized that he couldn’t allow this to happen. He went over to Paula’s home and broke up with her, realizing that he may not have had another choice.